The promotion of Shrew’s nest is unstoppable! Last Thursday, Macarena Gómez visited the TV show El Hormiguero. Yesterday, it was Órbita Laika, the show hosted by Ángel Martin in La 2 of Televisión Española the one which had her as guest.

The full video

Throughout the TV show both of them talk a little bit about Shrew’s Nest, the new film produced by Álex de la Iglesia that is going to be in theatres on 25th December. But Órbita Laika is a science show that features curious topics.


This video has subtitles in Spanish

A brief summay of Órbita Laika #3

Among other themes, the show talked about robotic snakes that, in a future, will help to explore Martian land or to rescue people trapped in unreachable places. Nearer to Shrew’s Nest plot, it was also explained the damaging effects that loneliness can cause in a person, as being with someone is considered a basic need.