Macarena Gómez takes part in a new short by Renfe, the Spanish national railway operator, called Una mañana cualquiera (A Morning Like Any Other).

Macarena Gómez repeats with Miguel Martí in Una mañana cualquiera

The short, directed by Miguel Martí with a plot by Álex Mendibil, seeks to promote Renfe’s services, specially the commuter trains ones. In that line, the short is inspired by the idea that in every train various real stories and some other dreams travel everyday.

For Macarena Gómez, following Miguel Martís’ orders is not something new. Both of them share a close working relationship since he made his first job with her directing Sexy Killer (2009) and the short film Vibraciones (2014).

An extraordinary journey

The story is about some Renfe’s passengers who transform the routin train journey into the most curious travel experience of their lives. Or maybe not. It all may be frit of an uncontrolled imagination….

In Una mañana cualquiera you can enjoy performances by Macarena Gómez (with a gesture to her recent delivery), Llum Barrera, Antonio Pagudo (Macarena’s fictitious couple in La que se avecina and Julián Valcárcel among others. There’s a very summertime special collaboration that won’t be mentioned as this article isn’t meant to be an spoiler.