The new film produced by Alex de la Iglesia, Shrew’s Nest, is soon coming to theatres in Spain. The distributor Sony Pictures doesn’t stop featuring lots of new things about this release. The last one has been a new film poster and a motion video made from it; a new way of promoting the film starred by Macarena Gómez, Hugo Silva, Luis Tosar and Nadia de Santiago.

The new poster of Shrew’s Nest

In the new image the four main characters are portrayed, being Macarena Gómez in the centre in natural colours. The poster is completed by the bust of Luis Tosar divided in two parts in red tones and a hal of the Hugo Silva’s and Nadia de Santiago’s ones.

Motion Posters

Sony has wanted to give some life to the new poster by uploading in YouTube a couple of videos in which the used images in the poster are combined with an account and background music.


The character portrayed by Macarena Gómez, Montse, it’s a woman who had to take care of her sister after the death of their mother and being abandoned by their father. Extremely agoraphobic, she’s deeply afraid of what the outside world can make to her little sister, played by Nadia de Santiago. However, she has the growing curiosity typical in someone who is 18 years old.

When a new person arrives to Montse’s life, everything changes and the film starts a anguished round inside the fears of an ill mind.