Macarena Gómez keeps reaping the fruits of her great performance in Shrew’s Nest. After being nominated to the The Best Main Actress Award in the Goya Awards 2015, she is now candidate to get the same category prize in the Fotogramas de Plata and Medallas CEC awards.

Finalist in the Fotogramas de Plata

These are the awards given annually by the Fotogramas magazine, specialized in cinema. They reward the best performances in cinema, theatre and television according to the opinion of critics and viewers. The participation of the audience makes this awards be organized in two stages. In the first one, 75 expert decide which are the best candidates of the year, including the actors. The second one is open to the public; they can vote via Internet which one they prefer. In the 65th edition, Fotogramas de Plata has nominated Macarena Gómez as best cinema actress. If you believe she deserves the award, you can vote her in the official page.All the results will be published in the awards gala which will take place on 2nd March.

Nominated to the Medalla CEC as Best Main Actress

As well as the Fotogramas de Plata nomination, on 2nd March will take place the 7th edition of the Cinematographic Writers’ Circle (Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos) awards.

In these, Shrew’s Nest has two nominations: to Juanfer Andrés and Esteban Roel as Best New Director and to Macarena Gómez as Best Main Actress.

The directors will compete with Carlos Marques-Marcet (10.000 km), Beatriz Sanchís (Todos están muertos) and Francisco Sánchez Varela (Paco de Lucía: La búsqueda). Macarena shares her nomination with Bárbara Lennie (Magical Girl), María León (Marsella) y Elena Anaya (Todos están muertos).

Good luck for all!