The Spanish Academy of Cinema has published the nominees for the Goya 2015 Awards. In its 29th edition, Macarena Gomez is going to compete for getting the Best Main Actress prize for her role as Montse in Shrew’s Nest. She competes with Bárbara Lennie for Magical Girl (who also aims for winning the Best Supporting Actress for El Niño), María León for Marsella and Elena Anaya for Todos están muertos. It won’t be until 7th February, in the ceremony, when we will know if she finally gets the Goya.

First of all, Macarena feels very touched for the wonderful comments and praises she is receiving from everybody through various ways, specially her official profiles in Facebook and Twitter.

Two more options for Shrew’s Nest

The film, that has received very positive reviews everywhere it has been shown, has obtained two more nominations as well as the one for the Best Main Actress. One of them in the Best Make-Up/Hairstyling category and for Juanfer Andrés and Esteban Roel in the Best New Director category. Although the film has been produced by Álex de la Iglesia, the directors were unknown in the big screen.

Other nominations for Goya 2015 Awards

Undoubtedly, the great favourite for the 29th edition of the Spanish film awards is La isla mínima, which sums 17 nominations, followed by El Niño, which has 16. Both of them compete for the Best Movie Goya as well as Loreak (Flores), Relatos salvajes and Magical Girl.

Of course, Ocho apellidos vascos, the most box-office earner of the Spanish films, could not be missing from the list. It has 5 nominations in the Best Supporting Actor category (for Karra Elejalde), Best Supporting Actress(Carmen Machi), Best New Actor (for Dani Rovira), Best Song and Best Cinematography Direction. You can read the whole list in this link.

Photo: © Piola Photography